i8i - Infinite Sroll

Group Exhibition at TRAUMABARUNDKINO in Berlin, Germany

September 17th to October 17th, 2021

i8i is an international multidisciplinary art collective who specialise in performance and sculptural installation.

Formed over Instagram during COVID -19, i8i’s upcoming event at Trauma Bar und Kino, INFINITE SCROLL, represents their European debut as a group.
The exhibition will consist of large sculptural installations and performances which will tell i8i’s philosophy, while exploring themes of spirituality, technology and digital identity.
Guests will be guided through a labyrinth of sculptures and characters which reveal the story of Infinite Scroll.

Using memes and music videos as storytelling techniques, i8i has set the stage with extensive lore - to reveal context for their first physical encounter - in which they will attempt to summon spirits from other dimensions through an internet portal.

Curation @mmadalinastanescu


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Photos by Julien Tell

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