California Dreams

Group Art Exhibition at Kunsthalle Faust in Hannover, Germany

November 21st to December 19th, 2021

In cooperation with the Kunstverein Kunsthalle Hannover with the independent nettnett radio based in Tijuana (Mexico) and the artist group Lucid Interval from Los Angeles ( USA ), Mexican and Californian artists sample audio and video material from the internet and own recordings related to the current political situation in America. The processed outputs are transmitted to the Kunsthalle Faust via downloads and live streams and are designed into a total work of art.

In terms of its orientation, the project undertakes the experiment of bringing the Californian spirit of innovation, the mentality of its population in terms of internationality, openness, and wealth of ideas to Hanover and to develop the potential of artistic interventions geared towards the future and utopia, including digital technologies in the discourse. The strategy of networking between the partners to establish a joint artistic platform in the Beuysian sense of a social sculpture is just as important.

The technical implementation is made possible by the nettnett organization, which operates a radio station, and on-site through cooperation with the in-house Faust TV team. It takes place via live stream and live feedback in various formats such as audiovisual installations, holograms, live performances, podcasts, and VJ events.

Participating artists:
Natalie Deseke (Hanover), Nathaniel Eras ( USA ), Derek Holguin ( USA ), Haydeé Jiménez (Mexico), Marjam Oskoui (Hanover), Benjamin Petersen (Hanover) and Klaus vom Bruch (Berlin)

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